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INTERREG DANUBE projects are mainly focused on policy making and socio-economic consequences of R&D activities.
We look into the social and environmental impact and other consequences of R&I, and the benefits of R&D to the region‘s development.

D-STIR project – INTERREG Danube programme

ELI BEAMLINES experts have been included in the international project team of the DSTIR project. The project team contains members from 8 countries and the project is supported by the European Union (INTERREG Danube Programme). You can find more information about project through the contact below or on the project website .


D-STIR: WP5 industrial rights licensing

Written or non-written form of the license? More is able to read here:  Presentations on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

D-STIR: IP protection and responsible research and innovation

Protection of intellectual property in the IOP. Presentations on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)



RI2INTEGRATE project – INTERREG Danube programme

ELI BEAMLINES experts have been included in the project team of RI2INTEGRATE project, which is mainly funded by the EU (INTERREG Danube programme). The project is focused on the support of socio-economic development through the research infrastructure. Partners from 8 countries are in the project team. For more detailed information please visit project website .


Cities could save the money buying innovative services

Public entities (municipalities, regional authorities) buy the products or services by public procurement. Public procurement could be the tool for spreading modern technologies or products – this concept is called public procurement of innovation (PPI). Institute of Physics, CAS (IOP) is one of the institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences and it is also important provider of innovative services and products in many sectors – from material research, through optics to the sensors for measuring water quality.  Cities and towns could offer using PPI tool public services of higher quality and/or lower operational costs.

IOP was in charge of 4 national PPI pilot actions in RI2integrate project (funded from Interreg Danube programme). PPI method was tested in sectors of sustainable energetics (photovoltaics); smart city and high speed internet.   IOP experts presented PPI good practices at ELI Alps and ELI NP infrastructures. The whole project showed the research sector importance of public procurement as the one possible tool for technology transfer.

Contact person – Jan Stachura, project manager