Since its very beginning, ELI Beamlines has been closely connected with various scientific institutions around the world. This scientific exchange will be even intensfied when ELI starts to work as a user facility. And beyond its scientific cooperations, ELI Beamlines will promote aggressive technology transfer.


From 2007 to 2010, more than 40 research institutions coming from 13 EU member States contributed to the ELI Preparatory Phase, with the objective of bringing the initial concept of ELI to a level of maturity allowing its implementation. The ELI Beamlines will be one of the three initial facilities of the future infrastructure.


Not only fundamental science, but also industrial exploitation of ELI Beamlines technologies and instrumentation in real life is a part of our strategy to bring the results of laser research to society. This provides newly developed cutting-edge technologies to applications such as oncology treatments, medical and biomedical imaging, fast electronics, and our understanding of aging nuclear reactor materials through to the development of new methods of nuclear waste processing.