TAČR GAMA project

Project is funded by GAMA programme of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TG02010056).


INTERREG DANUBE projects are mainly focused on policy making and socio-economic consequences of R&D activities.
We look into the social and environmental impact and other consequences of R&I, and the benefits of R&D to the region‘s development.



Innovative vouchers projects

Projects of innovative vouchers are starting projects of cooperation beetween research organisations (ELI-BEAMLINES) and business sector. Research organizations provide expert sevices to business sector in that kind of projects. The company project partner specifies its requirements for the research topic and outputs.

Physics at your service

Project "Physics at your service CZ.07.1.02/0.0/0.0/16_023/0000115"

is financed from Operational programme Prague - Growth pole of the Czech Republic 


Duration: 2017 - 2018

Beneficiary: The Institute of Physics

Total project costs: 12 144 852,00 CZK

Subsidy: 10 930 366,80 CZK

Cofinancing: 1 214 485,20 CZK

Improving the environment and quality of life of Prague citizens thanks to the technologies of the Institute of Physics, CAS.

Technology of scintillation detectors for higher security (research leader: Assoc. Prof. Martin Nikl)

Technology of water quality management and its measurement (research leader: dr. Tibor Ižák, PhD.)

Technology of water cleaning management (research leader: dr. Štěpán Potocký, PhD.)

Technology of monuments preservation using nanofibers (research leader: prof. Pavel Demo)