L2: 1 PW, 20 J, 10 Hz Beam Line

L2: 1 PW, 20 J, 10 Hz Beam Line

The L2 beam line is a laser system designed to generate ultrashort laser pulses with peak power reaching 1 PW (1 petawatt = 1,000,000,000,000,000 watts). The laser will be able to operate at a high repetition rate of 10Hz due to the full utilization of new technologies such as laser diode pumping and cryogenic cooling of the laser material. The main amplifiers are based entirely on optical parametric chirped pulse amlification (OPCPA), allowing for extremely short pulses with durations below 15 fs to be generated.

L2 beamline design parameters

STAGE 1 of constructionSTAGE 2 of construction

Output pulse energy

2 J

18 J

Pulse duration

<15 fs

<20 fs

Repetition rate10 Hz10 Hz, scalable to 50 Hz
Central wavelength830 < λ < 850 nm830 < λ < 850 nm
Output beam quality: encircled energy in diffraction limited spot better than 80%better than 80%
Pump laser technologyDPSSLDPSSL
Power contrastbetter than 1:1011 @ 20 psbetter than 1:1011 @ 20 ps
Beam pointing rms stability<10 µrad<10 µrad

Bedřich Rus

Martin Fibrich

Pavel Bakule

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