ELI – France User Workshop

SAVE THE DATE! 5-7 July 2017
We would like to warmly invite the scientific community to take part in the ELI – France User Workshop jointly organized by the ELI-Delivery Consortium and the CNRS, in partnership with the CEA, on 5-7 July 2017, at the CNRS Headquarters, Campus Gerard-Megie, 3 rue Michel-Ange, Paris 16eme.

This workshop addresses a broad scientific community (physicists, biologists, chemists, physicians…) with the aim to present a wide range of new ultrashort laser and energetic particles sources to serve fundamental research and multidisciplinary applications. Facilities and examples of potential research projects will be presented during 6 sessions. The workshop will also provide a platform for extensive exchanges between scientists and beamlines/instruments supervisors at the three ELI pillars and at Paris-Saclay facilities. Ample room for asking questions and for vivid discussions between all stakeholders will be included in each session.
The program will extend over two full days of scientific sessions, and will additionally include a visit (prior registration required) of the ultrahigh-power (CILEX/APOLLON) and ultrafast (ATTOLAB) laser infrastructures on the L'Orme des Merisiers Campus. The format of the workshop will be the following

Wednesday, July 5th

  • Participants registration starts at 9:00
  • Meeting starts at 10:30
  • Poster session at 18:00
  • Social dinner at 20:00 at Atelier Maitre Albert, Paris 5eme

  • Thursday, July 6th

  • Meeting starts at 8:30
  • Meeting ends at 17:00

  • Friday, July 7th

  • Visit of the Paris-Saclay facilities at 9:30 – 12:30.

  • A detailed agenda, and a link to the workshop web page allowing participants' registration will be provided soon.

    The scientific organizers:
    Marc SENTIS (CNRS Institute of Physics)
    Catalin MIRON (ELI-DC)
    Philippe MARTIN (CEA/DRF)
    Medhi TARISIEN (Universite de Bordeaux)