High-Energy Density Physics

High-energy density plasmas are generally characterized by pressures above 1 Mbar or energy densities above 1011 J/m3. Lasers are the only way to create such conditions in a controlled way in the laboratory on a small scale (an uncontrolled way would be nuclear explosions).

Warm Dense Matter

Warm Dense Matter (WDM) is the study of matter under extreme conditions of pressure. It is a particular sub-field of high-energy density physics.

Plasma Optics

Plasma optics makes use of plasmas in a controlled way to manipulate light.

Laboratory Astrophysics

Laboratory astrophysics is the study of astrophysical and cosmological phenomena on a laboratory scale using high-power lasers.

Gravitational Waves Generated by Laser-Matter Interactions

The research is performed in the area of gravitational waves generation which connects fundamental gravitational theory with the laser—plasma interaction in the high intensity regime 10PW or higher. This area of research started to be interesting thanks to the remarkable progress in the technology of high power lasers which might enable applications also in the research field of gravitation in the future.