The development at ELI-Beamlines involves real-time controls and femtosecond-precision timing systems, which make it possible to synchronize operation of the individual lasers to the ELI-Beamlines facility clock. A major activity is the design and development of spectrally broadband laser pulse stretchers and large PW and 10-PW laser pulse compressors. Other significant developments include sophisticated laser diagnostic instrumentation capable of providing online information on parameters of the PW and multi-PW repetition-rate laser pulses.

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Facility / Lasers / L2: 1 PW, 20 J, 10 Hz Beam Line

The L2 beam line is a laser system designed to generate ultrashort laser pulses with peak power reaching 1 PW (1 petawatt = 1,000,000,000,000,000 watts). The laser will be able to operate at a high repetition rate of 10Hz due to the full utilization of new technologies such as laser diode pumping and cryogenic cooling of the laser material. The main amplifiers are based entirely on optical parametric chirped pulse amlification (OPCPA), allowing for extremely short pulses with durations below 15 fs to be generated.

Facility / Lasers / L3: 1 PW, 30 J, 10 Hz Beam Line

The L3 laser system called HAPLS (The High-Repetition-Rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System) is designed to deliver PW pulses with energy of at least 30 J and durations <30 fs, at a repetition rate of 10 Hz. This system was developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, with ELI-Beamlines cooperating on the development of the PW pulse compressor, the short-pulse diagnostics, and the short-pulse part controls and timing.

Facility / Lasers / L4: 10 PW, 2 kJ Beam Line

The L4 beam line is designed to generate an extremely high and unprecedented peak power of 10 PW (Petawatt) during pulse duration of about 130 fs. The uncompressed energy can reach almost 2 kJ with a shot rate of 1/min, which is a major step in the field of kJ-class lasers. The architecture is based on direct compression of a broadband beam amplified by a combination of different Nd:glass slabs.