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Dual-stage gas target for laser plasma electron acceleration

The device serves as a gas target for stable laser plasma electron acceleration (LWFA). It combines the technologies of supersonic micro nozzle and a gas cell. An independent gas flow control at each stage provides a highly flexible control of injection and acceleration processes. The target is also optimized for low gas load into the vacuum chamber.


  • Variable gas cell length: possibly up to 1m long
  • Stainless steel body with side windows
  • Various adapters for connection with valves
  • Robust solid body of the target
  • Separate gas inlets for each stage
  • Low manufacturing costs


  • Large scalability
  • Easy diagnostics of the inner plasma processes at both stages of the target
  • Easy to connect with the high speed valves commonly used in the laser plasma community
  • Easy to use and damage resistant solution
  • Can be used ionisation injected LWFA
  • Set of various lengths and few pieces per kind can be ordered


  • Laser based electron acceleration beamlines in research infrastructures
  • X-ray sources driven by relativistic electron beams
  • Laser-based beamlines



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Download here: Dual-stage gas target for laser plasma electron acceleration