The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

Fine Mechanics Workshop

Individual systems of ELI Beamlines facility contain large number of optomechanical devices, for example adjustable mirror mounts, alignment units, motorized translation stages, beamsplitter mounts, telescopes, beamreducers, diagnostics optomechanics and many others. Part of optomechanics is commercially available. The rest has to be developed, designed and manufactured. Development of a new optomechanics requires in many cases prototyping and testing which can be performed only in a devoted and appropriately equipped Fine Mechanics Workshop.

Fine Mechanics Workshop serves for:

  • Assembly, adjustment and testing of optomechanical devices prototypes
  • Metrology of optomechanical devices
  • Acceptance tests of delivered optomechanical devices
  • Cleaning, assembly and adjustment of optomechanical devices for laser facility
  • Maintenance of optomechanical devices (scheduled parts exchange)
  • Optomechanical devices repairs (in case of disorder or malfunction)