The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

Teresa target area in L2

TERESA (TEstbed for high REpetition-rate Sources of Accelerated particles) is a laser–plasma experimental area that has been recently commissioned at ELI Beamlines.

Its main purpose is developing and testing of novel solutions for target delivery and laser–plasma diagnostics at high repetition rate (up to 10 Hz). TERESA uses a circular sub-aperture of the L3-HAPLS laser, the full power of which (1 PW) will be available to users at the other target areas currently being commissioned.

Additional operation scenarios of the TERESA target area include: optimization of plasma source parameters (via target choice and fine-tuning of the laser features on target); study of laser–plasma interaction with over-critical and sub-critical density targets (pre-plasma expansion, laser absorption, transmission and back-reflection, plasma self-emission, etc.); ion irradiation of secondary targets of interest (user samples) for ultrahigh dose rate radiobiology, cultural heritage and nuclear physics; functional tests of user equipment with the L3-HAPLS laser at the Joule level and at high repetition rate, prior to its installation in the experimental beamlines/platforms where L3-HAPLS will be mainly used at PW-level.

The TERESA target area is located inside the L2 laser hall at the ELI Beamlines laser floor, which is right next to the L3 laser hall. This location is advantageous due to a short beam path and a simple vacuum connection to the L3 compressor output. TERESA is designed to perform experiments at high vacuum (~10^-6 mbar). Its vacuum system consists of four interconnected chambers. The first two mainly serve the purpose of laser beam transport, while the next two accommodate focusing optics, laser-target interaction and various diagnostics. A detailed description of the TERESA target area containing information about laser parameters, beam transport, control and vacuum systems, along with available laser-plasma diagnostics and target systems is available here [Tryus et al].

Overview of the TERESA Target Area in the L2 laser hall