The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC


Top executives of ELI Beamlines

The main objective of the ELI Beamlines Top Managers project was to create a high-quality team for the implementation of research and development activities within the ELI Beamlines Center of Excellence through the transfer of know-how of experienced managers and to create sufficient potential for its development and quality growth. The successful implementation of this scale project undoubtedly depended on adequate human resources capacity, both in terms of building physical infrastructure, and to prepare and conduct unique scientific experiments and use of the built infrastructure. The transfer of know-how from similar unique centers from abroad is the only way to effectively reduce the risk of potential failure in these efforts. Through highly experienced managers, the know-how was transferred to the implementation and research team, the appropriate structures and all necessary processes were set up, which enabled the implementation and operation phase of the center to be successfully implemented.

Project implementation deadline: 6. 8. 2012 – 30. 6. 2015