E1: Material and Biomolecular Applications

Experimental hall E1 houses laser-driven secondary sources and experimental end-stations for applications in molecular, bio-medical, and materials sciences. Experiments in the E1 hall exploit synchronized laser beams and photon beams in the VUV and hard X-ray range.

Secondary sources in E1

High harmonic generation (HHG): This beam line delivers a coherent collimated beam of photons with energies in the range 10 eV–120 eV.
Plasma X-ray source (PXS): This is an incoherent source of hard X-ray radiation.

HHG Beam Line

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Plasma X-Ray Source (PXS)

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End-stations in E1

MAC: a Multi-purpose chamber for AMO (Atomic, molecular, and optical) sciences and CDI (Coherent Diffractive Imaging).
ELIps: ELI Beamlines VUV ellipsometer for sub-ps experiments; an end-station for VUV and soft X-ray materials science.
Hard X-ray end-station: TREX; a modular station for Time Resolved Experiemnts (scattering, diffraction, spectroscopy and imaging) with X-rays.
Optical probes and pump beams: An advanced station for optical spectroscopy, including stimulated Raman scattering. Also the source for a wide array of synchronized pump beams in the range from UV to IR and THz.