The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

Vacuum Workshop

The Vacuum Workshop is the place for testing various vacuum related devices, such as gauges, pumps, valves, and components that are used in vacuum environment.

The following activities are carried out in the laboratory:

  • Assembling, adjustment and testing of vacuum devices,
  • Outgassing tests of material,
  • Testing of electrical devices in vacuum environment,
  • Detecting leaks in vacuum systems,
  • Mass spectrometry,
  • Cleaning of vacuum equipment,
  • Maintenance of vacuum components,
  • Calibration vacuum gages.

The lab contains the following equipment:

  • Helium leak detectors
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Turbomolecular pumps
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Rotary vacuum pumps
  • Measurement vacuum devices (different type of vacuum gauges)
  • Mobile pumping systems