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Proprietary research

We offer proprietary research for industrial and non-industrial partners. Unlike to non-proprietary users (i.e. academic), different benefits are offered to proprietary users. The main benefits involve the guarantee of quick allocation of experimental time (up to 6 weeks) and the provision of full intellectual property (IP). Payment conditions can be obtained on request.

Support to proprietary users originating from various fields is one of our main objectives. ELI Beamlines offers experimental halls devoted to self-arranged proprietary access and joint collaborative projects with partners from industry, medicine, bio pharmacy, environmental science and arts & history. Access parameters for all users are always designed in accordance with specific user preferences. You can check our offer by disciplines, methods/techniques and equipment.

What further support can our industrial partners expect to get when they decide to join us?
• One contact partner who will take care of all activities and communication;
• senior scientific team ready to co-design and assist users in performing user experiments;
• experienced technicians and engineers, with bio labs, chemistry labs and a well-equipped mechanical workshop;
• administration and management staff, who handle finances and public-funded projects;
• safety department dedicated to the training of employees and the public;
• innovation management including patent attorney, legal advisory and technology transfer processes.

For more detailed information, please contact Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer (CITT).