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Not only fundamental science, but also industrial exploitation of ELI Beamlines technologies and instrumentation in real life is a part of our strategy to bring the results of laser research to society. This provides newly developed cutting-edge technologies to applications such as oncology treatments, medical and biomedical imaging, fast electronics, and our understanding of aging nuclear reactor materials through to the development of new methods of nuclear waste processing.

Knowledge and technology transfer at ELI Beamlines is performed by the Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer (CITT) . CITT assists in the process of conversion of basic science outcomes into applications by offering technology licenses and related consultations, assistance with academia-industry collaboration as well as the setting-up of technological joint-venture companies. From 2018 onwards, CITT will assist with providing of laser beamtime to industrial companies to test and develop their own technologies. With a strong focus on people, technologies, instrumentation, laboratories with synergies with other research centres, legal procedures and IP protection, ELI Beamlines will be a top-class partner for industry.

Instrumentation & Software

Researchers and engineers at ELI Beamlines develop new instruments, tools and software to be used in the high-power-laser environment. They can be used both in other research institutions and industrial companies.


  • Vacuum compatible high precision motorized optomechanics (mirror and grating positioners based on flexible joints)
  • Device for measurement and synchronization of femtosecond time delays between laser pulses (Device for measuring mutual delay of two ultrashort optical pulses)
  • Dark-field diagnostic module (Diagnostics of damage of optical components in real time)
  • Vacuum LIDT test station (Measurement of damage threshold of optical surfaces using fs and ps pulses in vacuum)
  • Macro objective compatible with vacuum (rebuilding the standard objective to vacuum compatible)

New technologies for industry

The key application areas to be offered by ELI Beamlines to industrial exploitation are the following. These areas reflect huge development potential with significant industrial, health and socio-economic impacts.


  • Devices for mammography and general X-ray imaging
  • Devices for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging
  • Measurement techniques for understanding and steering of pharmaceuticals in the body
  • Devices for cancer treatment
  • Electronics and computing industry – achieving resistance to extreme conditions
  • Soft X-ray materials science


ELI Beamlines protects its research results and relevant know-how. Companies and other institutions can licence to capitalise on the research results. ELI Beamlines globally supports wide-spread of its know-how. Your partner for licence negotiations is CITT, contacts at www.citt.cz/en/contact-us .