The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

Innovation ecosystem

We are well aware of the variety of participants and resources needed to stimulate innovation. That’s why we also invite entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, universities, researchers from partner institutions and others to a joint the conversation and cooperation.

Each successful innovation ecosystem consists of a number of actors. These include application researchers & developers, engineers & producers, customers & investors, business & marketing and all other stakeholders participating (directly and non-directly) in the development of the final product. We provide targeted support for the development of innovations and the search for their true value for the specific fields and the whole society.

We welcome all representatives from Industry, Life Sciences, Energy, Arts and History and all other fields where our scientific results can be applied.

We expect talks and cooperation mostly on the following topics:

  • Laser-driven particle acceleration, radiation sources, plasma generation, and others;
  • Design and prototyping of instrumentation;
  • Design and prototyping of new laser sources; and
  • Providing expert services, consultancies and know-how.

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