The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC


RadLab is a laboratory dedicated for radiation protection purposes. RadLab is used mainly for calibrations requiring usage of radioactive sources, gamma spectrometry, and optical luminescence detectors (OSL – Optically stimulated luminescence) .

The lab contains the following equipment:

Sealed calibration ionizing radiation sources

  • Am-241, Cs-137, Co-60, Am-Be
  • Marinelli Beaker Radionuclides mixture for HpGe calibration

Ionizing radiation monitors

  • RDS-31 (Modular radiation survey meter) with GMP-11-3 (External beta probe)
  • RT-30 (NaI(Tl) Scintilation handheld spectrometer)
  • RDS-80 (Survey contamination monitor)
  • CoMo-170 (Contamination monitor)

Ionizing radiation spectrometry

  • ORTEC High Purity Germanium (HpGe) detector
  • DSPEC-50 Multichannel analyzer

Personal dosimeters

  • EPD Thermo (gama)
  • EPD-N2 Thermo (gama + neutrons)

TL (Thermoluminescence) / OSL (Optically stimulated luminescence) equipment

  • Lexsyg smart reader
  • BeO chips (gama dosimetry)
  • 6LiF + 7LiF chips (neutron dosimetry)
  • LE 09/11 (Laboratory chamber furnace up to 1100 °C)