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60 years of laser intro

This year is an important milestone in laser history. On the 16th of May 1960, Theodore Maiman ran the first laser system in the World thus the laser will celebrate its 60th anniversary.
Our aim is to bring as many institutions, science centers and companies as possible to the celebrations. The organization of all scientific and educational events under the logo of 60 years of lasers seems to be the easiest way to promote this important anniversary.

Below you will find a list of events as well as a list of Ambassadors for the 60th anniversary of the laser. Their role is to spread awareness of the important anniversary and to communicate about it with the media as well as with professional and general public.

Why celebrate 60 years of laser? Every person meets with laser in everyday life, facilitating, simplifying and speeding up many work processes. It has absolutely changed the speed of communication between people on different continents, without a laser we could not imagine traveling, shopping, transport and research today. Laser is simply our indispensable partner, friend, helper, hard worker.

Are you interested in organizing events under the logo of 60 years of laser in your institution, university or company?

More info is at: Celebrate the anniversary.

More about Laser history

Plan of events

List of past events

List of Ambasadors