The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC


The 60th anniversary of the first laser shot is an important breakpoint for the entire scientific community.
For stimulating communication, it is useful to use distinctive scientists who can reach various target groups.
That is why we have assembled a team of Ambasadors of 60 years of laser.

The role of Ambassadors:

  • Actively commemorate the 60th anniversary of the laser in their presentations
  • Invite people to the events related to the 60th anniversary of the laser
  • Participate in public events during the “laser year”.
  • To remind the importance of lasers for the general public in their outputs


The Ambassadors:

Gérard Mourou
He is a French physicist specializing in laser technology.
In 2018 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his method of generating ultra-intense ultra-short optical pulses. He shared the award with American Arthur Ashkin and Canadian Donna Strickland.While working at the University of Rochester, he and his student, Donna Strickland, developed CPA (Chirped Pulse Amplification) technology. Their joint discovery made it possible to develop laser systems with very high performance and their completely new applications in industry or medicine – femtosecond laser pulses were used, for example, in eye surgery. He was one of the initiators of the European laser centers ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure).

Helena Jelínková
Professor Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FJFI)
Head of Solid State Laboratory
Member of the team who in 1962 assembled and commissioned the first laser in Czechoslovakia.

Václav Kubeček
Professor, Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FJFI)Department of Physical Electronics

Martina Greplová Žáková
ELI Beamlines laser centre, Junior researcher
Science popularizer