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Laser 3 HAPLS: 1 PW, 30 J, 10 Hz

The L3 laser system called HAPLS (The High-Repetition-Rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System) is designed to deliver PW pulses with energy of at least 30 J and durations <30 fs, at a repetition rate of 10 Hz. This system was developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, with ELI-Beamlines cooperating on the development of the PW pulse compressor, the short-pulse diagnostics, and the short-pulse part controls and timing.

The L3 HAPLS pump engine with design pulse energy of 200 J employs two Nd-doped glass amplifiers operating at 10 Hz and cooled by helium gas. Each amplifier is pumped by high power laser diode arrays, each providing an 800-kW peak power. These are the highest peak-power pulsed laser diode arrays in the world.

The femtosecond pulses are generated in a titanium-doped sapphire amplifier.

The L3 HAPLS system will also include real-time controls and a timing system, which will make it possible to synchronize its operation to the facility’s electronic master clock and later to a femtosecond-precision laser clock.

Current parameters of the laser (March 2020): 0.4 PW, energy 11.5 J, lenght of pulse 28 fs repetition rate 3.3 Hz.

Josef Cupal, josef.cupal@eli-beams.eu

The video of HAPLS:

L3 HAPLS laser

L3 during D8 run

PW compressor

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