The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

PHysics, Applied Research for Novel TECHnologies

Project TA ČR - GAMA 2 - TP01010035

Institute of Physics of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v. v. i. (further referred as IOP) has created a system of technology transfer management including IP protection. This project builds on the currently implemented project no. TG02010056, the System of Effective Application of IOP Outcomes in the Application Sphere (implemented 2015 – 2019). The project enables to consolidate the verification model of proof-of-concept activities at IOP and included it among the IOP standard tools for dissemination of knowledge and technologies. The main objective of this project is to increase the efficiency of the proof-of-concept verification system and commercialization, especially in the following two aspects: i) motivation of researchers to technology transfer activities; and ii) sustainable system of financing technology transfer activities in connection with a decrease of available public funding. These two areas are considered to be the key elements to system’s efficiency and sustainability. This will significantly support applied research at IOP in Prague (workplaces Na Slovance and Cukrovarnická) and Dolní Břežany (workplaces ELI Beamlines and Hilase). Within the framework of this project, another objective is to verify and map the application potential and the practical applicability of technologies for innovated IOP outputs (technologies, devices, software and expert services). Special emphasis will be given on those results of the applied research, which have already demonstrated an interest of particular partners in the application sphere, or an initial market research has shown an added value for a specific use in practice. Finally, this project will focus on disseminating the results of supported sub-projects and their popularization both inside and outside IOP in order to motivate researchers to identify possibilities of results’ applications.