The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC


The ELI Beamlines building hosts an advanced biological laboratory (BioLab, LB.02.37) for the ELIBIO Project. This large laboratory has approximately 400 sq. m. of lab space and is located on the 2nd basement, close to the experimental halls. The following image shows the general dispositions of the BioLab:

Aside from the instrumentation utilized for research activities on femtosecond laser spectroscopy which is described elsewhere, the BioLab is equipped with the following instrumentation:

  • Sample preparation
    • Cell culture
      • Incubator POL-EKO CLN53, 50l capacity, up to 100oC
      • Refrigerated incubating orbital shakers
        • Labwit ZWYR-240 (cap. 4 x 2l bottles)
        • 2x Labwit ZWYC-290A (cap. 4 x 5l bottles)
      • Protein purification
        • Centrifuges
          • Large volume – HIMAC CR22N (4l up to 15 300g)
          • Ultra – Beckman Coulter Optima X-PN80 (up to 210 000g)
          • Benchtop – Medium volume (15 ml) – Hermle Z 326 K
          • Microliter refrigerated – Hermle Z 216 MK
          • Microliter x2 – Hermle Z216 M
        • Homogenizer (Avestin EmulsiFlex C3)
        • Sonicator (QSonica 700)
        • FPLC – (BIORAD NGC Quest™ 10 Plus)
      • Molecular Genetics
        • Benchmark H5000-HC-E shaker (20 x 1.5 ml, 6 x 50 ml)
        • PCR cycler – Analytic Jena TAdvanced Twin 48 G
        • Electrophoresis equipment (power supply, tanks, etc.)
        • Gel and Blot Imager (Bio-Rad Chemidoc MP)
      • Crystallisation
        • Incubators for crystal growth (Schoeller PHCBi MIR-554)
        • refrigerated thermomixer for 15 ml vials
      • Development of sample delivery methods
        • Differential mobility analyzer / Particle sizer (TSI)
        • Laser for injector tests (Litron Nano PIV)
        • Camera for Mie scattering
        • Nanoparticle tracking analyzer (Malvern Nanosight)
        • Pressure systems, liquid jet injectors, aerosol generation equipment (electrospray, GDVN)
      • Sample characterisation
        • Spectroscopy
          • Time-correlated single photon counting system (Picoquant)
          • FTIR Spectrometer (Shimadzu IRSpirit 7800-350 cm-1)
          • double-beam UV-VIS-NIR absorption spectrophotometer (JASCO V-770, 190-2700 nm)
        • Microscopy
          • Fluorescence microscope (Zeiss AxioImager Z2)
          • Inverted microscope (Zeiss AxioObserver)
          • High-end polarizing stereomicroscope (Zeiss Discovery V-20)
          • Environmental scanning electron microscope
            • Thermo Scientific / FEI Quattro S
              • detectors: ETD, GSED, DBS, STEM
              • wet-STEM cold stage
            • Quorum Cryo-SEM PP3010T preparation system
              • Freezing and drying samples
              • Platinum plasma sputtering
              • In-chamber cryo-stage


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