The ELI Beamlines project opens opportunities for close cooperation between all educational institutions of different school levels and categories. It paves the way for pupils and students to pinpoint their particular areas of laser physics through the lectures, seminars, trips, and other educational activities that ELI Beamlines provides.

Excursion into the ELI Beamlines center
We organize guided excursions for elementary, high school, and university students at the ELI Beamlines laser center in Dolní Břežany.
Lectures for high school students directly in your school

This lecture reveals the secrets of what will be the most intense laser in the world. We offer students a lecture about lasers, their applications, and current trends in the field of laser science.

During the 90-minute talk ELI Beamlines scientists will introduce the students to the laser systems at the ELI-Beamlines project as an extraordinary source of laser light and energy with features yet to be seen. After learning the basic principles of lasers, the students will gain insight into methods for generating intense ultrashort pulses and give some examples of laser applications in industry, medicine, and research. They will then describe the laser systems that are being developed for ELI Beamlines, which will be the most intense laser system in the world. Are you interested in these questions? What will these laser systems be used for? Would you like to know their practical uses? And what will the ELI Beamlines laser center mean for the Czech Republic?

Special thematic seminars for university students
We offer universities a series of 60–90 minutes of technical seminars on topics relating to laser technologies and their applications. Top ELI Beamlines researchers who have deep understanding and working experience in major international scientific institutions will lead the seminars.

For more information about excursions contact: Hana Strnadová, hana.strnadova@eli-beams.eu