The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

Virtual Tour

Welcome to ELI Beamlines. Thanks to 360° tours, you can look into our laboratories in the laser building.

To view a specific hall, click on the magnifying glass symbol. Due to security reasons not all halls are available.

Eli Beams

You can visit a laser hall to see the L1-ALLEGRA laser system. This 5 TW system was fully developed in the Czech Republic by the ELI Beamlines team. The system can fire up to 1000 laser pulses per second and then sends them to the experimental hall E1. Here they are used to generate the X-ray radiation used to study very fast chemical reactions and physical processes, to examine the properties and structures of solids, or to develop new materials.

You can also visit the experimental hall E3 which houses a platform for plasma physics. It is a multifunctional experimental infrastructure designed to conduct research of the lasers interaction with the matter. The research is mainly focused on high-energy density physics, warm dense matter, plasma optics, laboratory astrophysics or ultra-high-intensity interactions.

You can take a journey to the experimental hall E4 which is dedicated to user experiments benefitting from interdisciplinary applications of laser ion acceleration (ELIMAIA).

And at the end we have for you the 3D street view of ELI beamlines campus.

There are many scientific technologies in ELI BEAMLINES laser center. For smooth operation, we need many non-scientific devices such as AIR CONDITIONING, HEATING, COOLING or AIR PURIFICATION and THERMOREGULATION EQUIPMENT. The technologies you can see in the short video.