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QURe: The first ultrafast laser radiotherapy device

We have developed a new method of characterization by light with increased sensitivity. It is based on multiple interaction of the probe beam with the object of interest. The object is self-imaged between the interactions to preserve the spatial information. Our method proved to increase sensitivity for the effect of the object on probe intensity, phase or polarization.

On-line tumor imaging

  • Real time evaluation and adaption of treatment
  • Pulsed treatment increases accuracy of dosage
  • Precise control over treatment area
  • Synchronization of imaging and radiation source to within tens of milliseconds


Laser plasma technology

  • Compact laser electron acceleration
  • Up to 100 mGy per dosage pulse
  • Electron beam energy up to 200 MeV
  • Operation modes: single pulse or 10 Hz



  • Field Size                          1 cm x 1 cm
  • Dose rate                         1 Gy/s
  • Dmax                                15 cm
  • Imaging time window    10 ms


How does it work?

This technology supports a new radiotherapy machine that offers the highest dose rate available on the market. Due to ultra-fast laser technology, a synchronized x-ray system can perform imaging of the tumor during the irradiation within a time window short enough to evaluate and adapt treatment.

Current status

This technology is patented and protected in the EU and the US. The ELI Beamlines research team is working on a prototype.


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Download here: QURe: The first ultrafast laser radiotherapy device