The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

Educational Materials

How to get more information about ELI and the science? Give your children, pupils and students the leaflets and the games to provide them with some information about lasers and the unique ELI Beamlines project.

You can watch the video where Professor Eliáš explains how the laser light is created.

3D Virtual tour, L1 – ALLEGRA Laser HERE.

Open our leaflet for kids where a girl, called Eliška Liška, and a scamp, Elis, together with Professor Eliáš talk to children about lasers and their use. Find out where the most intense laser system are situated in the Czech Republic.

Leaflet for children (Czech version only)

You can also practice laser physics with our bilingual memory game, PEXESO (PAIRS).

Pexeso (Czech version only)