The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

Motorized Optics Manipulator

This is a fully UHV compatible flexure joint-based optical manipulator. It allows precision, two-axis manipulator of optics in vacuum.

Features and benefits

High resolution and stability
System offers ultra precise manipulation with< 0.1 microradian step size

Rotation axis in the middle of the optics

Easy alignment of the optical setups

Motors, cabling and moving parts are below the optics

Possibility to easily separate the beam transport from mechanical and electrical parts. Easy cable management with no obstruction to laser beam path.

Optical mounts are on top of the manipulator

Almost any shape of optics can be accommodated offering and unified solution for larger systems. Standard mirror mounts with coarse manual adjustment can be mounted on top to extend range.

Minimal “cross-talk”Independent movement in both axes

Very compact size
Allows building compact optical setups

Position is maintained even when the motors are powered down

Microsteping function of motors is not used and therefore aligment is always maintained

Compactible with ultrahigh vacuum level (dependent on motor used)
Can be used in demanding UHV ultraclean setups


x-axis resolution

0.1 microradians

y-axis resolution

0.084 microradians

90,000 steps (9 miliradians)

Optics size
up to 4”


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Download here:  Motorized Optics Manipulator