The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

Integration lab CS

Primary tasks of the lab are acceptance testing and commissioining on experimental setups control hardware before they final cleaning and integration to beamlines endstations. The tests are to be conducted on the experimental setups which were developed and assembled outside of the ELI Beamlines and are brought to the ELI Beamlines by visiting research teams as a part of their scheduled experimental works. The goals are to conduct functional tests, possible hardware and software faults or dammages isolation and mittigation and the compatibility checks against the ELI Beamlines local control systems. Lab is equipped with the most advanced measuring and diagnostic instruments, has direct connection to all ELI Beamlines key premisses (laser and experimental halls, their control rooms, CS server room and the time etalon) via dedicated CS fibre optics network. For easy manipulation with large experimental setups, the CS Integration Lab is also equipped with freight gate towards the cargo lift.

At this period (2019Q3-2020Q2) there are evaluation and developers works on the unified control software for White Rabbit system under go, which is intended for real time delivery and sub-nanosecond synchronization purposes accross ELI Beamlines.