SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics

LI Beamlines will be part of the SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics conference, which takes place April 15 – 18 at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague. SPIE industry-focused sessions include also an afternoon workshop for ELI prospective users, “bringing together researchers who are developing and building the ELI Beamlines facility with members of the community of prospective users of proposed beamlines and end-stations. Several roundtable discussions will be held to identify and specify the most promising user experiments,” as you can read in the official press release.

The SPIE event goal is, inter alia, to connect researchers with more than twenty suppliers and project partners from around the world “who provide optical instruments and systems to address an ever-increasing number of industrial and research applications, in areas such as imaging and vision, defence, telecommunications, space, transportation, industrial process control, and laser fusion.”

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