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ELI Beamlines was visited by the Hungarian Minister László Palkovics

The Hungarian Minister for Innovation and Technology László Palkovics with his delegation visited the ELI Beamlines research centre in Dolní Břežany on the 15th of July 2019.

His visit followed the political talks with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček and representatives of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, which were held in order to clarify the aspects of mutual cooperation in the establishment and operation of the ELI ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium). Both sides agreed and expressed their readiness to submit a joint request to the European Commission by the end of September 2019. So that the organization would be set up by the end of 2019. This will allow other Member States, especially Italy, Germany, the UK and France, to join the consortium as founding members and thus take responsibility for the operation and financing of ELI ERIC in favor of a pan-European research community.

The Hungarian and ELI Beamlines‘ representatives also discussed the strategy of further cooperation with non-European countries that are interested in becoming a strategic partner for ELI.

“Minister Palkovics expressed an interest in the current state of technology, implemented user program and quality of the research team at ELI Beamlines. He also appreciated the cooperation and exchange of expertise with the Hungarian ELI ALPS pillar, which is located in Szeged, ”said Roman Hvězda, the Manager of the ELI Beamlines Research Center.