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ELI Beamlines was awarded the Quality Ambassador Prize for public sector

ELI Beamlines has won an award in the “Quality Ambassador for the Public Sector” contest organized by the Czech Society for Quality (ČSJ).

 The awards ceremony for all ČSJ prizes for 2020 took place online (due to the Covid situation) on the 14th of January 2021. Roman Hvězda was scheduled to receive the award on behalf of ELI Beamlines. “I am glad that our effort to promote key aspects of a well-running organization has been appreciated. I take this award as a commitment to continue this way. We want to succeed in international competition and be an attractive organization not only for users, but also for stakeholders who participate in financing of the ELI Beamlines operation,” says Hvězda.

In 2020, ČSJ announced a pilot year of the Ambassador of Quality of the Czech Republic competition, which was dedicated to public sector organizations. This competition judges companies by their approach to quality as a phenomenon that includes all areas of society and is a prerequisite for its new expectation and long-term success.