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Project ELI was successful in the evaluation

Another stage of evaluation process of project applications submitted to Research and Development for Innovations Operational Programme has just ended, 9 projects of Axis I (Centers of Excellence) and 29 projects of Axis II (Regional R&D Centers) advance to final evaluation phase.

Up to now the evaluation has been very difficult, Czech and international experts participated. The next step for the successful applicants will be the negotiation phase, which will for some of them lead to allotment of the grant. Large projects (overall costs over 50 million EUR) will also be evaluated by the European Commission, which will later decide to which projects the grant will be given.

ELI Project was placed among the applicants advancing to negotiation phase. Considering the fact that the project is large, the application will be sent to the European Commission and final decision can be expected by the end of 2010.

More information in Czech can be found at web page of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports: http://www.msmt.cz/pro-novinare/boj-o-miliardy-na-vedu-vrcholi-msmt-jiz-zna-finalisty