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Scientific Challenges on the future ELI Beamlines Facility

First international scientific workshop will take place 26 -27 April. This workshop will focus on prestigious research programs and new progressive technologies of ELI Beamlines laser center in the Czech Republic. The target is also to set International Scientific Advisory Committee of this research center.

Approximately 80 invited Czech and international experts will participate at the workshop. Their abilities and experience can help successful realization of the project. A part of the event will be a visit to research center PALS (Prague Asterix Laser System) in Prague-Kobylisy.

ELI Beamlines infrastructure will be built in Dolní Břežany (Czech Republic). This unique centre will provide an entirely new generation of secondary sources produced by ultra intensive lasers and thanks to its parameters will help to acquire new information in fundamental research in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine and Material Engineering and also in the application sector (eg. when developing new medical diagnostic methods with super high differentiation or development of new therapeutic techniques).