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High Power Laser Beam Dump

The high power beam dump solution is designed for absorption of high performance pulsed laser beams. We developed three different cooling concepts:absorption on metal in air, absorption in water and absorption in submerged filters.

Features and benefits

Suitable for ultrashort pulses (ns, ps, fs) and CW
Wide range of usage

Suitable for kW power
Developed for high power lasers

Custom solutions for large beam sizes
Developed for high energy lasers

Widely used at ELI Beamlines
The system has been demonstrated to function and provide accurate results


Range of power
From 10 W to kW

Standard: 68 mm Custom: up to 250 mm

Suitable for various spectra

Cooled by air or water

Light-tight connection to standard vacuum chamber flanges
Ideal for laser in vacuum vessels

Designed to minimize heat transfer from dump to chamber
No thermal load on chamber


Ideal solution for laser facilities with high power laser

Suitable for wide range of lasers, such as CW lasers, pump lasers, and femtosecond beamlines

Ideal solution for safely terminating beams in shutters or residual pump light of SHG/OPA


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Download here: High Power Beam Dumps