Future users of experimental stations at ELI Beamlines will be able to benefit from Virtual Beamline (VBL) - a complex interactive 3D web application that combines detailed models of the facility and equipment with physics simulations and experimental data. The main objective is to provide an integrated tool that helps users to design, configure, simulate, and visualize proposed experiments. Furthermore, the application will also allow access to layouts and datasets for already conducted campaigns. Although the majority of users will likely use standard onscreen way to work with the VBL, during past two years we have developed and tested prototypes of the VBL for virtual reality head-mounted displays. While it is very challenging to process and optimize many extremely detailed CAD models as well as large simulation datasets for real-time interactive visualization, our current applications run at sufficient framerates, which are necessary for immersive experiences. Apart from complete virtual model of the facility and equipment, we have recently developed prototypes that integrate animated 3D PIC simulations for laser-target interaction and Monte Carlo simulations of secondary sources. The main next steps in development of the VBL will be focused on providing features for building experimental layouts through interactive manipulation of individual components and implementation of simulation capabilities through integration with the ECLIPSE HPC cluster.

Virtual Beamline - ELI Beamlines

Jakub Grosz, jakub.grosz@eli-beams.eu