The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

ELI Beamlines Call: User-assisted commissioning call for the P3 infrastructure at ELI-Beamlines

The ELI Beamlines user facility invites the scientific community to submit proposals for:

  • commissioning experiments in its E3 Experimental Hall, which serves experiments in the context of high-power laser-matter interaction. The commissioning experiments of the new P3 platform are expected to place between October 2022 and June 2023.
  • The full text of the call:

The aim of the call is:

  • to make use of available experimental configurations, targetry and diagnostic setups to initiate the first high-level user experiments
  • to implicate the potential user community to participate in future upgrades and to help define scientific directions for the infrastructure and identify additional necessary diagnostic systems
  • to initiate the process of building a user community around the P3 infrastructure
  • to provide expert advice and training to scientific & engineering staff, administrative support staff (user office) and support teams to optimize user operation for the future

The full text of the call

Please use the application form to describe the planned experiment.