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Lasers for Life

A Laserlab-Europe Foresight Workshop Lasers for Life will be held at the Royal Society, London, from the 2nd-4th June 2014. The workshop is intended to be a forward look at the applications of lasers in the area of biomedical research, diagnosis, and treatment, and will feature talks from leaders in the relevant areas, as well as from European policy makers. We are also planning a poster session and industrial exhibition. We expect around 180 delegates from throughout Europe will attend the workshop. Scientific sessions are:

Medical Imaging, Diagnosis, and Therapy
Plenary Lecturers: Serge Mordon (INSERM, France), Brett Bouma (Harvard, USA)

Complementary Approaches (including Synchrotrons, Free-Electron Lasers, and High-Power Lasers)
Plenary Lecturer: Henry Chapman (CFEL, Germany)

Future Applications of Laser Spectroscopy and Imaging for Biological and Medical Research
Plenary Lecturer: Ernst Stelzer (Buchmann Institute, Germany)

The workshop will also feature a horizon-scanning session looking at emerging scientific areas and technologies.

Registration for the meeting is now open. The workshop fee of £165.65 includes meals during the meeting. Accommodation is not included, but a block booking of rooms has been made at the London Copthorne Tara Hotel at a total cost of £170 for the nights of the 2nd and 3rd June (bed and breakfast). More information, a full meeting programme, and link to the registration site are available at the conference website.

When registering, delegates are requested to include a short description of their research interests. In the event of oversubscription, delegates will be selected to achieve a good balance of science areas.

Deadline for registration is the 30th April 2014.