The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

Presentation of ELI Beamlines

Presentation of ELI Beamlines project is going to be held on the 2nd of October 2010 from 3:00 pm in Dolní Břežany.

The inhabitants of this region will have possibility to get to know latest information about the current status of the project and its further development. We did not forget about children, for whom we prepared the interesting and entertaining quizzes and competitions.

Every year at the turn of September and October, shortly after school year initiation, Dolní Břežany organizes afternoon full of humor, charm and relax not only for children and parents. Everybody who likes good atmosphere and is interested in new events taking place in whole Dolnobřežansko micro region is sincerely welcomed.

Presentation of the ELI project considering world’s most powerful laser will be held here for the first time not by a coincidence. Dolní Břežany were selected as the most suitable location for the realization of this unique laser center, which will be listed among the world’s top scientific laboratories.

“I am truly satisfied that during Saint Wenceslas Celebrations we will have an opportunity to present ELI project to nearest local community and have a chance to answer all the questions that may arise,” says Jan Řídký, Director of the Institute of Physics of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.