Scientific Festival

The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic organizes the scientific festival „Week of Science and Technic“. One of the scheduled items covered the lecture regarding ELI Beamlines facility which was presented by project´s scientific manager Bedrich Rus.

ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure) is the international project which aims to build and run the unique laser infrastructure.

ELI Beamlines facility will be placed in Dolni Brezany with main focus on the research of ultraintensive secondary sources for science and society in physics, chemistry, medicine, biology and material science.

The scope of research activites will be embracing not only physics but will be beneficial also for nature science, will enable new approaches towards carcinology, display and monitoring techniques for medicine in general and in development of new materials and nanotechnology. At the same time strong support for cooperation with industry will be articulated.

ELI project’s sponsor in the Czech Republic is Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Its realization is actively supported by Ministry of Education , Youth and Sports, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Consortium ELI-CZ (association of 14 Czech universities and scientific institutions) and by  Central-Bohemia Region.