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International Day of Light 2024

The International Day of Light is celebrated on May 16th each year, the anniversary of the first successful operation of the laser in 1960 by physicist and engineer Theodore Maiman. 

The International Day of Light was proclaimed at the General Conference of UNESCO in November 2017. The first celebration took place on 16th May 2018. ELI Beamlines Facility is proud to join this event again. A special open day for the general public is going to be held at ELI on 16th May 2024.

When: 16. 5. 2024 | 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Where: ELI Beamlines Facility, Za Radnicí 835, Dolní Břežany

During this open day, you will be able to see ELI Beamlines high-power laser systems and receive a lot of information about ELI Beamlines technologies, research activities, and the construction of the facility. Moreover, we are preparing many accompanying light-based activities you can enjoy.


⋅ Site tours / this tour will be held in Czech only. Please register for this tour HERE /

⋅ Lectures / in Czech only /

⋅ Laser and Radiation Safety

⋅ Optical Table

⋅ AR and VR reality

⋅ Indoor interactive laser exhibits


A detailed program is available in Czech HERE.


See more information about the International Day of Light here.