The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

A unique coating laboratory is being established at ELI Beamlines

The ELI Beamlines research centre is working to complete the installation of the revolutionary ELIAS system. This system, which forms the core of the new coating laboratory, is a crucial step towards the implementation of the IMPULSE and THRILL projects, funded by the European Horizon Europe programme, which aim to push the boundaries of laser technologies and nanostructured multilayers.

The ELIAS system, equipped with a vacuum chamber for thin film evaporation, is a key component of the laboratory. The chamber, made of special stainless steel, weighs 12 tons and its dimensions allow the application of layers on optical elements up to 1200 mm in size. The technology, developed in collaboration with the Czech company Streicher and American Vacuum Innovations, ensures the high uniformity and durability of the deposited layers, which is essential for mirrors, diffraction gratings and vacuum windows used in large laser systems.

Daniel Kramer, the Optics and Coatings Group Leader, emphasizes the uniqueness of this system: „Due to its size and advanced technology, ELIAS enables the deposition of layers at a previously unattainable quality. This breakthrough opens the door to further developments in the field of high-energy lasers with ultrashort pulses.”

The Coating Laboratory at ELI Beamlines, established with the support of the European Commission and in the framework of a broad international collaboration, is becoming a unique centre for the development of new generations of lasers. It focuses on improving the durability and efficiency of key optical components, which is fundamental to the long-term reliability of laser systems.