The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

Eclipse -ELI Beamlines’s high performance computing cluster has started operations

Eclipse, ELI Beamlines’s high performance computing cluster has started operations. Equipped with 1344 CPUs(1), 10.7 TeraBytes of RAM(2) and close to a PetaByte of storage space(3), Eclipse will become an important tool in support of experimental design and data analysis activities. From radiation safety studies to laser beam propagation and laser-target interactions, Eclipse will support scientists and engineers in modeling and simulation tasks essential for today’s cutting-edge research. Eclipse is also an important building block in support of ELI’s goal of strengthening its core capabilities and the interactions of its personnel in simulation, theory and experiments. From now on, ELI’s scientists will count with close to a million additional CPU-hours per month in support of their activities.

(1) Also known as a core.

(2) Well over a thousand times the RAM of an off-the-shelf computer with 8GB RAM.

(3) The equivalent of two-thousand 500GB capacity hard-drives.