The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

ELI Beamlines Summer School 2013

ELISS 2013 Summary
Prague 23. – 28.6.2013
Top Hotel Prague

ELI Beamlines summer school was organized first time in June 2013. The invitation was accepted by 19 lecturers from the institutes and the universities such as Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Hamburg University, University of Bordeaux, Max Planck Institute, Japan Atomic Energy Agency etc.

Main topics
• Non linear waves in plasmas
• Brilliant X ray sources driven by lasers
• Adaptive optics
• Principles of laser peening
• Laser driven Accelleration
• Laser induced damage in ultra last laser systems

• 104 participants
• 19 host lecturers
• 21 presentations

The participating students were very satisfied with chosen and presented topics, with the organisation of this summer school and also with the chosen time of ELISS. Most of the participants is willing to come and participate ELI Beamlines summer school next year.