The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

ELIMED Workshop


7.-9.9.2016 CATANIA, ITALY

The ELIMED project aims to demonstrate the validity of new approaches based on laser- driven ion sources for potential future applications in medical and other multidisciplinary fields, including hadrontherapy. In 2018, a User-oriented beam-line, ELIMAIA (ELI Multidisciplinary Applications of laser-Ion Acceleration) equipped with diagnostics and dosimetry end-points will be commissioned at the ELI-Beamlines facility in the Czech Republic with the main goal to perform proof-of-principle experiments, dosimetry measurements and radiation biology investigations at high repetition rate. The main goal of the 3rd ELIMED workshop is to strengthen the collaboration among the international research groups involved in this challenging project and gather new ideas, proposals and additional requirements from a broad community of users coming from different fields (Physics, Biology, Medicine, Chemistry, Material Science, etc.) interested in exploiting the availability of non-conventional (laser-driven) ion beams at ELI-Beamlines.

The main topics are:

  • Non-conventional Ion Acceleration Techniques
  • New generation Ion Acceleration Beam-lines
  • Radiation Biology and Medical Applications
  • Multidisciplinary Applications
  • Targetry, Diagnostics and Dosimetry