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Sounds and Rhythm of Japan

Sounds and Rhythm of Japan
Fun of Noh Kotudumi,Shakuhachi and Kyogen

4 October 2018 from 19:30

Place: ELI Beamlines Laser Centre Dolní Břežany
Price: 400 CZK
Tickets available HERE


Syunichirou Hisada; from Okina, from Takasago and others: Kotudumi (Noh small-drum)
Ondřej Hýbl; Hitori Kyogen and Kyogen mai with Hisada: Kyogen (Nagomi Czech Kyogen Theatre)
Vlastislav Matoušek; San’ya and improvisation with Hisada: Syakuhaci (Bamboo flute)

How to get to ELI Beamines
Take the underground, line C to Kačerov station, then take the bus 331 or 333 to Dolní Břežany, Obecní úřad stop.
ELI building is just one minute from this stop.