The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

The ELI ERIC Consortium has become an associate member of CESNET

ELI ERIC Consortium has been accepted as an associate member of CESNET, which operates and develops the domestic e-infrastructure for science, research and education and offers advanced services in data transmission, processing, storage, sharing and protection.

ELI ERIC (The Extreme Light Infrastructure – European Research Infrastructure Consortium) is the first European research infrastructure consortium based in the Czech Republic. It allows researchers and companies to use world-class high power and ultra-fast lasers for scientific and industrial purposes.

“We welcome ELI ERIC, a modern scientific facility with international reach, to our ranks. Scientists from all over the world and from many disciplines working with cutting-edge laser technologies have access to our comprehensive portfolio of services. They can safely store their extensive research data in our data repositories, have access to computing capacity and, last but not least, they get many services in the area of data security and protection”, says Jakub Papírník, Director of CESNET.

“The access to and use of high-quality ICT services are essential to achieving scientific excellence. I am therefore delighted that ELI ERIC has joined CESNET as an associate member. ELI is committed to Open Science and FAIR Open Data and CESNET is an ideal partner in the Czech Republic to support that endeavour,” adds Allen Weeks, ELI ERIC Director General.

With the services of the national e-infrastructure, members and users are provided with state-of-the-art technology facilities, expert advice and support.

The CESNET Association was founded by various Czech universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences in 1996. Its objective is the operation and development of ICT services that comprise the national e-infrastructure for research, development and education e-INFRA CZ. Integral components of its activities include research and development in information and communications technology. CESNET is an active partner in numerous international research infrastructures, such as the Pan-European GÉANT research, development, and education network, the European Grid Infrastructure and the European infrastructure for open science EOSC. For more details, visit and

The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI ERIC) is the world’s largest and most advanced high-power laser research infrastructure. As an international user facility dedicated to multi-disciplinary science and research applications of ultra-intense and ultra-short laser pulses, ELI provides access to world-class high-power, high-repetition-rate laser systems and enables cutting-edge research in physical, chemical, materials, and medical sciences, as well as breakthrough technological innovations. The ELI ERIC operates as a single multi-site organisation with two complementary facilities specialised in different fields of research with extreme light: ELI Beamlines in Dolní Břežany (Czech Republic) and ELI ALPS in Szeged (Hungary).