The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC


The Science Fair, the most significant popular educational event of the year, is already around the corner. This time, visitors to the 8th edition will be captured by more than 100 exhibits and complemented by an accompanying program through panel discussions, lectures, and workshops. The Science Fair will showcase science and research as a fascinating and essential branch of human activity. Experts will share the latest scientific findings and convince children and adults that science is fun.

The Czech Academy of Sciences will organize the Science Fair at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition center from 30th May to 1st June 2024. Admission is free.

You will find ELI Beamlines Facility staff at a separate booth: ELI Beamlines – ELI ERIC.

Come to our booth to get answers to everything you want to know about lasers and the scientific mission of ELI.

  • We will introduce you to the world of ultra-intense laser technologies and their applications in contemporary science and research.
  • Through the 3D models, virtual and augmented reality, you will be transported to ELI’s laboratories and into the heart of our laser experiments. We will take you to the core of one of the world’s most intense lasers, the L4-Aton!
  • You will become a real scientist for a while – you will try adjusting the laser beam using real components from a laser laboratory.
  • We will also focus on laser safety.
  • There will be a strategic game for thoughtful visitors – “laser chess.”
  • We have also prepared some new features for you! You will test the principle of Rutherford’s experiment, which will help you better understand how we examine the structure of unknown materials and their  properties at ELI.
  • And we will  present specific spectroscopic methods that we apply in our laser research. You will see two optical setups – for absorption and emission spectroscopy. And as a bonus  –  bring your sunglasses to the fair, and we will use spectroscopy to test whether they really protect your eyes and block harmful UV radiation.

The complete program of the Science Fair, including all exhibitors, can be found at

Come to the monumental scientific event in the Czech Republic!