The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC

Talent Academy – final round

On 23 – 25 September 2023, the final of the Talent Academy 2023 will be held in the ELI Beamlines Facility and HiLASE Centre in Dolní Břežany.

Twelve finalists, selected on the basis of an online round of the competition for talented high school students, will now experience the real work of scientists and engineers for three days.

Every year, laser scientists search for an attractive topic in current science and technology, which they focus on with high school teams. This year, the choice fell on the simulation of reflection nebulae. They are objects of deep space, molecular clouds, and particles of only a few nanometers in size. New stars are born from these molecular clouds, or they are remnants of the destruction of old stars. During the Talent Academy, students will create accurate simulations of such nebulae in a chemical laboratory and use lasers to study their properties.

Talent Academy is a regular educational event for talented high school students organized by the ELI Beamlines Facility (The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC) and HiLASE Centre (Institute of Physics of the CAS, v. v. i.). More information are available at