The ELI Beamlines research center aspires to install and run the world's most intense laser system. With ultra-high peak powers of 10 PW (petawatt) and focused intensities up to 1024 W/cm2 we will offer unique sources of radiation and particle beams to our users. These beamlines will enable groundbreaking research not only in the fields of physics and material science, but also in biomedical research and laboratory astrophysics.

ELI Beamlines is part of the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project, a new Research Infrastructure of pan-European interest and part of the European Strategy Forum on Research (ESFRI) Roadmap . ELI will be a multi-sited Research Infrastructure with complementary facilities located in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania for the investigation of light-matter interactions at the highest intensities and shortest time scales. The laser intensity will be more than six orders of magnitude higher than today's state of the art.
ELI Beamlines is located in Dolní Břežany on the outskirts of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.
ELI Beamlines is managed by the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.


ELI Beamlines is an international user facility for fundamental and applied research using ultra-intense laser and particle beams.


The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project is part of an European plan to build a new generation of large research facilities selected by the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). The mission of the ELI Beamlines is to run an international laser research facility for revolutionary scientific experiments and applications in different areas. ELI will mate its scientific, engineering and medical missions for the benefit of industry and society.

Society Benefits

As a European research infrastructure, ELI Beamlines will strengthen the European position in laser research and add opportunities for the European photonics industry. Applied research at ELI ranges from improvements to oncology treatments, medical imaging, fast electronics, and our understanding of aging nuclear reactor materials through to the development of new methods of nuclear waste processing.


The work of ELI Beamlines is governed by three different bodies: 
- the local management
- the International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAC)
- the Coordination Board.

ELI Infrastructure

With initial funding from the European Union and local governments, the Extreme Light Infrastructure ELI will be a multi-sited Research Infrastructure for the investigation and applications of laser matter interaction at more than 6 orders of magnitude higher intensities than today’s state of the art.


Since its very beginning, ELI Beamlines has been closely connected with various scientific institutions around the world. This scientific exchange will be even intensfied when ELI starts to work as a user facility. And beyond its scientific cooperations, ELI Beamlines will promote aggressive technology transfer.


The ELI Beamlines project is focused on being instrumental in raising awareness of students, teachers, and the general public in the area of laser technology through a rich program of educational activities. We organise lectures at high schools and universities, conferences, workshops, and offer regular tours into the ELI Beamlines center, along with summer schools involving the participation of international students. This project also offers guidance and consultation for diploma and PhD theses and is involved in events that popularize science and research.


The ELI Beamlines brings together people from all over the world to be part of the international scientific laser research. If you want to participate in the largest research project in the history of the Czech Republic, apply for your chance through the following offer of employment. ELI Beamlines is interested in personnel of various professions and specializations.


ELI Beamlines strictly adheres to all European and Czech legislation on the openness and transparency of public tenders.

Technology Transfer

ELI Beamlines has huge potential for the application sphere. This is the first laser designed particularly for users. Unique research tools of our center with breakthrough parameters will be also opened to potential commercial partners from the entire Europe. We’re going to offer a research time for sale, renting equipment as well as professional labor force, etc.

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As part of the international Extreme Light Infrastructure ELI Beamlines will host four beamlines and a number of experiments. The scientific programme is grouped into six Research Programmes.