The main goal at ELI Beamlines is to create the most advanced laser equipment in the world. This will be accomplished and implemented through research projects covering the interaction of light with matter at intensities that are 10 times higher than the values that are currently achievable. With ultra-short laser pulses that last only some femtoseconds and performances of up to 10 PW ELI will bring new techniques and tools for basic research as well as for areas such as medical imaging and diagnostics, radiotherapy, new materials, and X-ray optics.

Laser Technology

The most important activity in the ELI-Beamlines project is the development of new laser technologies. This includes, for example, developing new techniques for growing laser crystals, new solutions for the cryogenic cooling of high-power repetition rate laser amplifiers, new techniques for femtosecond synchronization of laser pulses, advanced repetition rate diagnostics of femtosecond pulses, advanced control systems, and developing innovative solutions for petawatt (PW) pulse compressors. Some of these activities are carried out in cooperation with industry.

X-Ray Sources

One of the main goals within the ELI scientific community is to produce ultra-short X-ray beamlines, both coherent and incoherent ones, to pave the way toward imaging nature with atomic resolution in space as well as time using devices that are suitable for university labs. Applications range from structure analysis in solid-state, atomic physics and molecular chemistry via imaging applications in medicine and the life sciences through to the discovery of the basic building blocks of life.

Particle Acceleration

ELI-Beamlines offer the prospect of producing and studying versatile and stable particle (ions and electrons) sources at high repetition rates, while simultaneously enhancing the high energy tail of the spectrum, the beam monochromaticity and the laser-to-particle conversion efficiency, all of which are crucial points for the production of additional secondary sources.

Plasma Physics

Plasma physics is a fundamental subject of relevance to many research areas such as astrophysics, laboratory ionized gases, laser-matter interaction, and controlled thermonuclear fusion. Plasmas are one of the fundamental states of matter and represent most of the non-dark matter in the universe. Plasma physics is the self-consistent description of charged particles and electromagnetic fields.

Ultrahigh Intensity Interactions

Ultrahigh intensity laser-matter interaction becomes possible because of the ELI-Beamlines 10 Petawatt (PW) laser.


Laser-driven secondary sources at ELI-Beamlines will be used for applications in molecular, biomedical, and materials (MBM) sciences. Planned applications include coherent diffractive imaging, atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) sciences, soft X-ray materials science, hard X-ray scattering, diffraction, spectroscopy and imaging, advanced optical spectroscopic techniques, and pulse radiolysis.

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The ELI Beamlines facility will hold a unique position in the arena of high-power laser facilities: it will be the first infrastructure of such dimensions that is fully dedicated to users. Thanks to the tunability of its laser system, the ELI Beamlines facility will be able to deliver high-quality sources of various kinds adapted to the needs of a wide variety of users.