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Teresa was commissioned with the L3-HAPLS laser system

The TERESA (TEstbed for high REpetition-rate Sources of Accelerated particles) target area was recently commissioned with the L3-HAPLS laser at Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI)-Beamlines. Its key technological sections (vacuum and control systems, laser parameters and laser beam transport up to the target) along with an overview of the available plasma diagnostics and targetry, tested at relativistic laser intensities are described in the following recently published paper:


The operation of TERESA at ELI Beamlines represents a key milestone since it demonstrates the first set of experiments on particle acceleration successfully carried out at relativistic laser intensities using over-critical and under-critical density plasma targets, along with online plasma diagnostics and data acquisition systems that can operate at a high repetition rate (10 Hz). The reliability of the laser pulses delivered by the L3-HAPLS laser during the TERESA campaigns is promising for the upcoming high-peak-power commissioning experiments at the PW target areas.